You are progressive, open-minded, and eager for fewer boundaries.

        You crave new music.

            Genre labels help you, yet you reach past them.

                Three bands stand at the ready here.

                    Two, Quartet and Solo feature instrumental virtuosity.

                       One, Love Salad, redefines pop music.



Dr. Joshua Davis has devoted his career to pushing boundaries, as a bandleader, bassist, composer, arranger, and Director of Jazz at Penn State, He insists on the relentless pursuit of evolution and betterment. He was an awarded leader of curriculum development at Berklee College and is a regular, playing bass with Love Salad, Vardan Ovsepian, Tim Miller, Artie Shaw, the Pennsylvania Chamber Orchestra, and countless others.


As an educator, Dr. Davis masterfully adapts to any ensemble coaching setting with boundless ideas for everyone in the band to take into the years of practicing to come. He has countless repeat appearances as a guest director at NEC, USC, Berklee, etc.




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