Love Salad, quartets, trios, etc. - I play and love it all! Be sure to check back for May 2024 appearances in the days ahead.



Vardan Ovsepian Group in LA, August 2022














































Below holds casual recordings ripe with both the energy of live music and the imperfections of the search.


Many thanks to Vardan and Mark for making the hike to PA from LA in the Fall of 2021. The joy of connecting again after a pandemic pause was beyond words. 


Looking forward!




This modern jazz ensemble fuses classical harmonies with modern angularity and ferocious drumming. Odd and elusive meters abound. Complete versions of Known Garden, recorded in 2011, and Squashua, from 2001, are available on iTunes, Spotify, CDBaby, and beyond.


For the first time ever I live in the comfort of delivering close to current capacity as a songwriter, bassist, and bandleader, thanks to a January 2018 recording session that was released in May 2018 on iTunes, Spotify, etc. The album is full of songwriting around parenting, politics, and partnership, -all at the heart of what I care about creatively in recent years. I am thankful beyond words to Todd Harrison, Blake Cramer, Jonathan Epley, Corrine Byrne and Natalie John for giving their voice so I might sing.


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